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Panx Yellow Chalk

This chalk protects glass panes from mold marks.

Industrial Blades

Precision Blades for Manufacturing and Pro Trades. Personna, GEM, and PAL blades available.

RCM Flow Meters 

Direct Reading Differential Pressure Flow Meters. Easy to install and low maintenance.

Hi-Tech Screens

Continuous, Fully Automatic Screen Changers for Polymer Melt Filtration

Aeromax Aeriation Fittings

Clean water by creating broad circulation and high efficiency aeration. The heads can produce a massive cloud of nano- and micro-bubbles in the water column. To remove iron, hydrogen sulfides, and organics.

Superior / Hydra-Seal Piston Rings

Piston rings for all industries, especially hydraulic, automotive, and glass industries.

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top quality products

Unitex Global offers a complete line of flow control products and accessories. This highly preferred chalk protects the glass panes from mold marks in the Windshield industry. No matter what industry you’re in or what kind of parts you’re looking for, Unitex Global has the equipment you need to operate safely and efficiently.

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competetive rates

No one in the industrial supply market provides the same variety of high-quality, name-brand flow control products for lower prices.


We stock product in our Houston office.  RCM Flow Meters are made to order with a two week or sooner delivery.  Aeromax Aeriation Fittings are standard or customized for your application.

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Industral Supply

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What are your prices?

Our rates vary depending on the product. Call us or send us an email for pricing. All of our products are made in the United States (with the exception of our chalk, which is made in Poland). Our products are high quality at an excellent price.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Accepting major credit cards with PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). 

What is Aeromax?

Aeromax is a revolutionary technology that performs high-efficiency aeration without the need for compressors or blowers.  Our engineers have created, and patented, a proprietary process that gets it all done with only a pump and our proprietary Aeromax Process head unit.  The technology is highly tunable, allowing perfect mixing of additives, and a wide range of bubble sizes with simple flow and pressure adjustments.  We are effective in producing bubbles across the nano, micro, and macro ranges with the added benefit of system circulation inherent in our operation.

What is your primary location?

2870 Gessner, Suite C16
Houston, Texas 77080

What type of products do you sell?

Unitex Global offers a line of products for maximum efficiency, easy to install, low maintenance and proven reliability.  We believe in USA manufacturing.  Our products include RCM Flow Meters, Panx Yellow Chalk, Aeromax Aeration Fittings, Superior Piston Rings, Personna Industrial Blades and more.  Our goal is to provide solutions. 

What is an RCM Flo-Gage and what can I use it for?

The RCM Flo-Gage™ is a direct reading flow meter with a large, easy to read dial calibrated in engineering units (GPM, SCFM,
l/min, etc.). The Flo-Gage™ measures flow based on a pressure differential created across a built-in calibrated nozzle. The meter is self-contained and complete. It does not require external power connections, separate orifices, or blocking, purging or equalizing valves.
The Flo-Gage™ is suitable for measuring water, oil and most other low viscosity liquids which do not deposit out and which
are compatible with the materials of construction. The Flo-Gage™ is also suitable for measuring compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and many other nontoxic compressed gases. (Specify option I.) Saturated steam can also be measured up to 120 PSIG. (Option K).
The Flo-Gage™ can be fitted with a two-wire transmitter to provide a current output for remote indication, recording or
totalization, or with reed switch contacts for signaling high or low flows.

How do I order an RCM Flow Meter?

Selecting the Flo-Gage is easy ...and our factory staff is always glad to help!
Select a) body size, b) series, c) body material, d) direction of
flow, e) full scale flow rate f) options (if required) and g) switches
(if required).
a) BODY SIZE - the pipe size at the meter inlet. See "Standard
Flow Rates and Body Sizes" for available sizes.
b) SERIES (end connections)
7 – threaded units provided with FNPT connections standard. (FBSP parallel threads available on request for
bronze and monel meters.)
8 – wafer units mount between any standard 150 or 300
class flanges (or international equivalent).
9 – Tri-Clover sanitary end connections for schedule 10 tubing
1 = Bronze
2 = Monel
3 = Stainless steel (316)
Select flow to Left, Right, Vertical Upflow dial on Left, Vertical Upflow dial on Right, Vertical Downflow dial on Left,
Vertical Downflow dial on Right
e) FLOW RATE (full scale gpm for liquid meters, SCFM for
compressed gas meters) – Prefix full scale with “M” for
metric units. Non-standard flow rates require option E.
f) OPTIONS (if required) – Select from Table of Options below. Note: For gas service, select option I and specify gas
being measured, inlet temperature and pressure.
g) SWITCHES (if required)
1S2 – One single pole double throw switch
2S2 – Two single pole double throw switch.

What can The Compressed Air Survey Kit be used for?

Utilize the Survey Kit to verify compressor output, check air consumption, compare air consumption of similar devices.

How should Panx Yellow Chalk be used?

Before the beginning of the technological process (concerns the change of range) PANX should be applied on cold moulds.
 During the technological process, secondary (additional) application of PANX should be made on hot moulds (temperature 60-100 degrees Celsius) the moment the mould is removed from the furnace. Using PANX on hot moulds during the process is not a choice; it’s a necessity. Constant use of PANX reduces defects to zero.

What are the main characteristics of Panx Yellow chalk?

1. The PANX Product exhibits great lubricating and separating properties.
2. Thanks to its soft texture and good lubricating properties, PANX thoroughly
covers the surface of the steel flats form creating a homogeneous dense layer.
3. It guarantees perfect insulation of the mould from the flexible glass which
eliminates mould prints on the glass surface.
4. PANX features no impurities, no elements or minerals in an amount adding to
the formation of mould prints have been detected.

  • Currently, no products with similar parameters are available in the market.

  • PANX substantially reduces and even eliminates losses in windscreen production.

  • The usage of the PANX Product considerably increases the quality of windscreens.

How is Panx Yellow Chalk packaged?

648-piece package:

  • corrugated cardboard

  • weight 15.10 kg (gross)

  • weight net: 12.96 kg

  • size of package: length - 505mm; width - 300mm;

height - 300mm;

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by using the contact form on our page or calling us directly at our number 713-444-2378. When you give us a call, you’ll be connected directly to one of our friendly staff, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry. 
So don’t wait. Call now! 

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