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About Us


Providing Industrial Products and Business Knowledge to Clients Worldwide


  • Distributing Flow Control Products to Various Industries
  • Being an Export Agent for Latin American Companies
  • Sharing our Experience with Individuals and Clients


  • Promise what we can deliver and honor those commitments
  • Treat customers like family
  • Respond to customer needs promptly
  • Respect each other
  • Enjoy the work day
  • Share the wealth


1983- Started as Unitex International
1989- Hugh Vrsalovic took over as director
1992- Moved to Fairway Park location
1992- Hugh Vrsalovic became CEO
1996- Started distributing flow control products for RCM
2001- Started distributing Personna Blades
2008- Started distributing Panx chalk
2008- Moved to Gessner
2009- Started distributing Stud Installers and Extractors


NFIB represents the interest of 600,000 small and independent business owners before federal and state legislative and executive branches of government. As a matter of policy, NFIB does not endorse or promote the products and services of its members.